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Pregnancy body therapy treatments

A body therapeutic treatment is always adapted to your unique situation. But when you are pregnant, the need for adaption is even bigger. What do you need right now and what do you think about? That question and focus will be the starting point when we create your treatment.


The pregnancy  treatment can be about several things.


The physical aspect:

It can be a huge change for the body to become pregnant and go through pregnancy, and many find that the body and mind constantly must adapt to the change. There is gradually more and more pressure on the body during the pregnancy,  and it can be quite amazing to get rid of tension. Depending on where you are in your pregnancy  when we meet, the treatment can focus on current problems or preventing potential problems.


Tension can be created in the body, because of all the physical change the body goes through - but it can also come from the process of change you have to go through as a human being.


The psychological aspect:

It's a huge thing to get pregnant and be pregnant, and you can feel and discover aspects of yourself that you wasn't aware of before. Suddenly, a new inner world of thoughts and worries opens up. Which is completely natural and part of the journey, but if you dont share it  (maybe because you think you are the only one with those kind of thoughts), it can contribute to creating more tension in your body. No different than when we generally worry about big and small, and experience how it can create more stress in the body, and we suddenly feels tension in our shoulders, back or where your physical body likes to keep tension.


I want to support you and help you be more present in your pregnancy and feel at peace, so you can allow yourself to feel the change and be in whatever is happening, and create a good relationship with your child - while you are pregnant. I once heard the phrase "now pregnancy is not a disease" and I believe that to be true -  it is a very special condition you are in and I would like to help more people become aware of their body, and dare (!) to treat themselves self and their body with presence and deep respect for the process of pregnancy. Creating life is not just another day at the office - its so much bigger.

I believe that a pregnancy experience with a focus on presence, respect for the body, respect for change, inner peace and reflection on the process, as well as awareness of the connection to your unborn child, will all help you have a better birth experience.


My pregnancy treatment  includes body therapy, rebozo massage and a conversation with me . The treatment is always based on what you need the day we see each other. 

After giving birth:


After birth, doing the postnatal period, you will also benefit greatly from my pregnancy treatment. Giving birth affects the body, and it can take a while for the body to return to its norm. Often the body creates a new norm, and the body is changed after the pregnancy and birth. The postnatal period is a process, and it takes patience and respect for your body's pace.Just like my pregnancy treatment, the postnatal treatment will consist of body therapy, rebozo massage and a conversation with me.

My opinion is that I believe its really benefiting to both the mother and child to not leave your home in the first period after the birth. Its a time to be at home with your baby and partner. Preferably mostly in soft clothes and surrounded by peace. Let your guests bring cake and food - and preferably also the coffee - so you only have to concentrate on your baby and yourself.

You can book a treatment by writing to me. It takes place  in your home, where I will come visit you. The price is be 800 DKK + my travel expenses. I only offer the treatment to women who live in Copenhagen. If you live further away,  and would love this kind of treatment and home visits - then write to me anyway.  I may be able to help you find a therapist in your area.

SHUNIYA means deep silence, which is a state we have access  when we are completely in our body, and our nervous system and mind is calm. Shuniya is a state where you feel this peaceful silence and where you can let go of all thoughts, tensions and worries from your busy day. It is a state where events, experiences and external demands and opinions do not overthrow you, and where you are able to hold onto your inner values, yourself and who you really are - your true self.
Maybe I can help you feel your Shuniya.

Rebozo massage:

Rebozo means shawl in Spanish.

The Rebozo becomes an extension of my hands in the treatment and I use it to sway and stretch your body. It is a very gentle and deeply relaxing technique,  and therefore suitable during pregnancy. Doing the rebozo massage we focus on your breathing, and you will feel deep relaxation in your body. Some experience a feeling of freedom and increased energy. Its an excellent way of calming the body, feeling your body and creating a deep connection to your child.


The technique has its roots in the Indian culture from Mexico, where it has been used for several centuries,  to support pregnant women, both during pregnancy and during childbirth.

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